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We will help you to transform you from being Fat to Flat with proper Training, Nutrition and Motivation.

What We Do?

It's hard to stay in shape when you have to balance a demanding career, family, social life and everyone has a different body type, eating habits, genetics, medical history. I can help you to understand what works best for your body. As per your goal- fat loss, weight loss muscle gain, lean physique or improve fitness levels, I will customised your workout and nutrition plans to help you achieve your goals using scientific approach.

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FIT Freniqs

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We will work closely with you to tone up your body, improve energy levels and make you best version of yourself using scientific approach . Our clients are successful grinders that get the work done in their field. For fitness domain then prefer to leave the decision making in the hands of an experienced professional. They realise that hiring Sam as their fitness coach is going to optimise their results as well as take frustration and guess work out of getting them. We use detailed and powerful coaching tools as well as one on one custom approach with each and every client and educating clients on fitness and nutrition.


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