About Us

About FitFreniqs

FitFreniqs is formed with a goal to help people to live a healthy lifestyle. We specialize in fitness Bootcamp along with other fitness solutions. We use a unique style of fitness workouts and there by driving out boredom and adding creativity and fun with scientific approach which makes our Bootcamp a place to enjoy yourself while working out. High-Intensity Interval Training, Burn more calories, Burn Fat, Strengthen your core, Challenge and push yourself.

About Sam

Sam, is a founder of fitfreniqs. He is certified Fitness and nutrition coach. With 6 years of experience in teaching, training and continuing with advance training. After completing graduation from IT Sam started working with corporates like Wipro, Airtel. As Sam's interest and passion in fitness grew made decision to leave lucrative job and pursue passion in fitness.Sam transformed many clients through training and nutrition and lifestyle changes with scientific approach.

"My ultimate aim is to help people by passing on my knowledge in such a way that instils the positive approach for health and fitness within them and leading people towards healthier and fulfilling lifestyle by making small but profound changes in their lifestyle".


Why Choose Us?

Our clients are successful grinders that get the work done in their field. For fitness domain then prefer to leave the decision making in the hands of an experienced professional. They realise that hiring Sam as their fitness coach is going to optimise their results as well as take frustration and guess work out of getting them. We use detailed and powerful coaching tools as well as one on one custom approach with each and every client and educating clients on fitness and nutrition.

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