FitFreniqs Nutritions

What you eat plays a major role in your heath, how well you feeland how much energy you have.

Science of Nutrition

The most basic way to think food is as the fuel.Nutrition builds and shape up our body.Our health, fitness and body compositon is the result of our nutrition over a number of years.

The ultimate aim of the nutritional recommendation or plan is anti aging. Wheather it is losing the fat and losing weight to look better; or buiding muscles to get stronger; or controlling sugar or cholesterol levels to reduce health problems. All goals of health and fitness focus on buiding a fitter, more youthful body. While good nutrition and a wellness lifestyle can help defy all age barriers, negligent and abusive lifestyle can make a 30 year old look 10 years older. want to be a youthful 40yr old or an aging 30 yr old? its your choice. Essential nutrients are Carbs, proteins, water and fiber are macronutrients which are required by body in larger quntities and vitamins, minerals are micronutrients which are required by our body in smaller quntities per day. Carbs is the body's first choice for energy. Main function of protein is repair and growth of tissue and water, fibre dont give energy. Vitamins and minerals dont provide calories but are very important for the metabolism and functioning of various systems in the body.

Everyone who is alive needs nutrition. Good nutrtion will always make us stronger and help us overcome challenges at all stagesof life. Nutrition is what builds our every cell, keeps us alive every moment and powers our activity.

If we want to change anything in our body, it has to start with what we eat. We can not build body simply out of exercise and thin air.We cant put nutrition on hold. it works 24by 7 to change our body-for better or worse, the choice is ours. As long as you are eating properly, you are on diet. Let's be honest- if you are off your diet, you are on a bad diet, leading to a worse body.

Diseases and health problems originate from poor nutrtion to the body cells. Nutrition is prevention before cure. Hereditary factors such as the risk of obesity, diabetes or heart disease can be prevented by good nutrition and a wellness lifestyle. The bad food we eat in neglect and the good food we neglect to eat- all add up to a body that has unwated excess fat . By attaining the perfect balance of our individual requirements, nutrition helps us to sculpt our body .

If we let every cell feast on the good nutrients, the energy and health we enjoy will last longer and stronger than the momentary taste on our tongue. Our fitness can taste a million times more delicious than food! Good nutrition and good tasty food need not be two opposite choices. Taste lies in cooking skills, not only in the sugar or fat.

To live, we need to eat. What we eat decides who we are, what we can do and what we can cope with. To live better , we must eat better. Nutrition is energy, growth and change.