Trainer Details

Experience:5 Years


Nishant Nanjiani

Marathon ACSM Certified Trainer (The American College of Sports Medicine's Professional)


Running was a boon to my life, I was reborn after I took up running. My life was miserable and shameful as I was quite overweight and flabby. My uncle who had started running half marathons introduced me to running around 3 years back. This was the beginning of change in my life, I became physically as well as mentally fit all thanks to my Running. Soon after it became a habit and I was surely addicted to it in the right way. Soon after my hard work, I was asked to coach my fellow and new runners with the BNP Green runners. Today I am a successful coach with the BNP Green Runners and my running has not only improved me but the people all around me. Running is surely one of the most important thing one needs to inculcate in their own respective lives.

Running Achievements:

Satara Ultra Hill Half Marathon 2014
Satara Ultra Hill Half Marathon 2015
Vasai Virar Mayors Marathon 2014
Vasai Virar Mayors Marathon 2015
Vasai Virar Mayors Marathon 2016
SCMM 2015